Is Windows XP Still Usable In 2023

Is Windows XP Still Usuable In 2023
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If you still have a copy of Windows XP and want to know if it’s still usable in this year 2023 then this article will deliver everything you need to know about the Windows XP operating system in this new era of 2023.

Using Windows XP In 2023

Is Windows XP Still Usable In 2023

After Windows XP was released on October 25th, 2001 it was an instant hit across all Windows users and it still might be the best Windows operating system launched to date.

But all good things come to an end as they say and Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system which we call end of life in 2014 so 9 years ago.

Now nearly a decade later it is still being used as an operating system for certain uses but many are not really using it as their daily driver when it comes to operating systems due to its end of life being 9 years ago it’s very suspectable to hacks such as viruses, malware and more.

windows xp running on a bank machine

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But below we have listed some of the ways people are using Windows XP in 2023 to get the best experience over the later Windows OS’s such as Windows 10 and Windows 11.

  • Retro Gaming – Yes who would have thought Windows XP can be used as a game emulator but it serves as a mean one at that. This is due to its lightweight size and quickness with less bloatware and overall headaches which the newer Windows operating systems can bring.
  • VirtualBox And VMware – Windows XP can be used as a virtual box for cyber security experts or just for fun. This can also help you relive the past and run any programs that were Windows XP only. To do this you will need to download VirtualBox then the Windows XP ISO and load it on your VirtualBox machine.
  • ATM Network Endpoints – Yes some older styles of bank ATMs still use Windows XP but have been tweaked to keep up to date with the latest security to avoid hackers exploiting the ATMs.
  • Offline Network Hardware – Some companies still have Windows XP machines that are operational for the sole purpose of older software they are using which has never been updated to work with the later Windows operating systems. You will find these PCs to be offline due to security and any infrastructure manned in-house.

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Windows XP Retro Gaming

Is It Still Safe To Use Windows XP In 2023?

No, you should not use Windows XP in 2023 due to it becoming end of life in 2014 so is no longer supported by Microsoft and will lack all the security patches which the later Windows operating systems have as well as many vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

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If you are wanting to use Windows XP you are best to use it in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox or as a VMWare virtual machine as this will sandbox the OS so nothing can leak out to your main operating systems such as viruses, malware, and malicious files, etc.

windows xp end of life potential for viruses

You can also use Windows XP in isolated network environments that are based internally and not connected to the internet in any way. 

This can help businesses with older software such as call centers etc to still be able to use some call center software on their workstation PCs or many other uses for isolated network environments.

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Where Can The Windows XP ISO Be Downloaded From

You will need to make sure to always use the official Windows XP ISO file instead of using untrusted sources such as random websites you found or torrent websites offering the Windows XP ISO.

This will stop you from downloading the ISO with viruses and backdoors already installed inside the Windows XP operating system once you install it.

Windows XP Virtual Box

Now the problem is there is no way you can download this from Microsoft anymore so there is no real official way to get the ISO which leaves you with third-party websites.

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You can search on Google and download from a reputable and trusted website but you will still need a product activation key which you can either buy online or pull from any other older PCs or laptops you have around which still have the Windows XP license key on the back of it.

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When Was The Last Microsoft Updates For Windows XP

The last updates for Microsft Windows XP were back in 2019 so even though it has its end-of-life date of 2014 it was still receiving updates to 2019 for certain OS software built into Windows XP.

Windows XP End Of Life Support

Once a Windows operating system goes end of life it tends not to receive so many updates but there have been times when even Windows 2003 received a critical update in 2017 due to the WannaCry ransomware hackers running wild on a lot of the Windows Operating systems so there are times when an update can be released but after the end of life you are better to be on the newer latest Windows operating systems.

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Can I Set Up A Windows XP Emulator Through A Web Browser Etc

With the advances of technology especially in the programming world it is now possible you can use Windows XP without the need of a virtual machine.

It won’t give you the full experience of having Windows XP in a virtual machine per se but it will give you that throwback nostalgia trip when you used to use Windows XP to get that one last feel of a great and old operating system.

There is a website that has been created in the programming language of React called WinXP – Windows In React where you can play around with the Windows XP operating system.

WinXP - Windows In React

Does Windows XP Work With The Latest Web Browsers Such As Microsoft Edge And Google Chrome?

Unfortunately, Google Chrome stopped supporting Windows XP back in their Google Chrome version 49.0 which was back in the year 2016.

The story is the same for Microsoft Edge as Microsoft themselves stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014 and their web browser Microsoft Edge was released in July the following year 2015.

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Also, we strongly suggest even if you find a web browser that works or an older version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox not use them as it’s important to not connect Microsoft XP to the internet due to how many vulnerabilities now exist.

If you must take the aging Windows XP online we suggest you stick to using a Virtual machine for this to protect your main operating system.

Adding Windows XP To VirtualBox

Can You Run Windows XP On A New PC?

Yes its fully possible to run Windows XP on a new PC but it may cause you a lot of issues such as no USB support on newer PCs for Windows XP and more.

Its more better to use VMware or VirtualBox on your modern PC so you can still run Windows XP in its own virtual container without many issues.


While it’s wise to not use Windows XP in a live environment you can still enjoy the benefits of using the operating system when it comes to retro gaming, offline network hardware, and virtual machines.

So if you are a retro gamer or cyber security specialist you might just find Windows XP still comes in handy for you to use.

Old Windows XP Games

As for everyone else, it’s better to not use it and avoid the headaches of malicious programs and hacks due to the lack of security patches and updates to this end-of-life Windows operating system.

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